Monday, December 5, 2011

I Spy Jar Holiday Vocabulary Craft

Here's a great activity to build holiday and winter vocabulary.
Make a holiday I Spy jar!

You will need a clear plastic jar with a tight lid. I used an empty mayo jar. Then purchase some inexpensive mini ornaments and cut the strings off.

Photograph the items you are going to put in the jar. I taught/reviewed the names of the items with Adelle using the photograph. To reinforce the vocabulary, I mixed the mini ornaments in a pile on the table and played a matching game. For example, I asked, "Adelle, can you find the wreath?" Adelle would find the wreath and place it over the wreath on the printed photograph. When all the items had been found and matched, Adelle put the items in the jar one by one as I named them. Finally we added some Christmas confetti to the jar.

To play, just shake and say, "I spy with my little eye.....

I spy with my little eye, a king!