Monday, July 9, 2012

Where we love is home............

 When people come to visit our new house, they all ask the same question, "Does it feel like home yet?"  Honestly, the very first time I came to this place, I knew it was "home".  It was an early April morning.  There was enough chill in the air to make the tip of my nose cold, but the sun was rising with the promise of a warm spring day.  We were early, so we took our time getting to know the property before the realtor arrived to let us inside the house.  The home sits on 5.8 acres-about 3 acres of pasture and the remainder is timber and ravine.  I noticed a trail worn through the brush.  Deer tracks dimpled the path beneath me making the ground uneven as I meandered through the forest.  Suddenly the trees opened up and a small thicket was before me.  I grazed the top of the waist high grass with my finger tips as I proceeded.  I stopped only for a moment to look skyward and let the warm sun come over me.  In that moment, my heart exploded, sending love for this place to every part of me, and I knew I was "home". 

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  1. Your house looks awesome, Dana!!! I hope you are enjoying your summer with your family. Hopefully you've had some time to get your new home all set up.